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As the providers of fair Justice in New Mexico exists to serve you. Our state is the home of many controversial military projects, including the infamous and top secret Dulce alien base. As such, it is our desire to assist in bringing justice for all entities who may be causing criminal issues in our state. We know that there are many people who also claim to have seen non-human entities around Roswell, New Mexico. Whether or not they are human, we desire that all creatures be tried fairly in a court of law for any crimes against fellow citizens of this planet.


We desire to hold to a strict standard of integrity, honesty, and humility. We expect the same of our clients. No backdoor deals allowed. Bribery is unacceptable and we will report any and all attempts to cajole an unjust sentence to the appropriate authorities.


We attack secret criminal organizations with the full force of law. We do not let criminals get away just because they have the right political and business connections. A fair standard is applied. We regret to see that a disproportionate amount of incarcerated individuals are black and those people of color receive longer sentences for committing the same crimes as whites. These racial injustices most stop, and we are devoted to being part of that process. We will expose all deception by criminals, white, black, brown, green, or grey. If you want us to defend you, you need to be honest, and cooperative.


Systemic biases must end. The people in power who have created unjust organizations must be brought to account for their crimes. We will be happy to assist our clients as they reform the government and businesses of our state, making New Mexico happier, healthier and more fair for humans and aliens alike.


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When you need the advice and support of a top legal team to settle your legal issues, it’s good to know there is a team working together in Albany, New York, to represent your best interests. The legal experts will evaluate your case and devise a strategy that will bring you the best possible level of representation so that your legal issues can be resolved successfully. When you take your case to know that you are aligning yourself with a team of top legal experts who will do everything possible to work within the law to protect your you.


Expertise and Experience

The team brings in a wide range of experience and expertise to every case they handle. From business and commercial litigation to offering guidance in issues regarding property taxes, our team has the legal know-how to offer expert level representation, in federal and state level courtrooms.


Personal Injury, Malpractice and DUI

The level of expertise  goes beyond to business case litigation, however. Our team also handles cases involving personal injury due to accidents or medical malpractice. We also take on clients in need of help with DUI cases, to ensure that they are protected and given the best legal advice possible. The goal, always, is to offer the client a high level of expertise so they can have the peace of mind they need to move forward with their legal issues, and with their lives.


Legal issues aren’t easy matters to deal with. The fallout from a personal injury situation, a criminal case or a DUI can be personally devastating, especially if there is a lack of truly expert representation. Don’t handle a difficult case without first receiving a consultation from a firm that truly cares about finding a successful outcome.

What to Consider Filing for a Medical Malpractice Complaint

If you have a complaint concerning the service and assistance that you or a member of your family has received from a physician which resulted in hurt or injury, a medical malpractice case can be pursued. This is a lawsuit that is usually brought against those practitioners in the medical field or those physicians that are expected to attend to patient needs with efficiency and effectiveness but ended up offering care that is negligent and incompetent instead.

Understand that what you are getting at this time is a case that is considered to be a type of a Medical malpractice law firm. In a medical malpractice case, there is going to be a tort litigation. In the event that the case is actually going to be put on trial, then the trial is going to have to take place to a state court. The doctor that is in question is entitled to a trial by jury. This means that a jury is going to be called in to make the necessary decision on what is going to happen.

Most of the time people that file for such a lawsuit generally seeks for damages. The compensation that a complainant is usually awarded can include medical bills as well as lost in wages. This is for those people who had to be confined in the hospital longer due to the negligence and hence, ended up missing out a significant number of days from work as a direct result. The complainant is also going to be compensated for emotional distress that he may have experienced as a result of the negligence along with compensation for punitive damages as well.

When handling a medical malpractice the jury will have to determine of the doctor in question actually acted in accordance with reasonable standards as far as patient and medical care involve. The jury will have to determine if there was indeed a malpractice that has been committed by the doctor by comparing the behavior that he has exhibited when handling your situation to what is considered to be behavior that is reasonably competent for any doctor. One needs to remember that poor medical result will not always be considered a malpractice. But it can be in the event that the doctor did breach his reasonability and his duty to attend to his patients with such considerable efficiency and competence.

It is important too to remember that if you ever decide to go through a certain medical procedure, it matters that the doctor attending to you should be able to let you sign the necessary forms and paperwork. They detail the procedure involved and how you have been explained of it along with its gains and its risk. You need to remember that the failure of a medical professional to let a patient sign the form is going to be considered a form of malpractice as well.

Another form of medical malpractice is the misdiagnosis. One needs to remember that the wrong calls that negligent doctors make in the practice tend to have very severe circumstances. They are dealing with human lives here and one wrong call, one wrong medical recommendation is likely to put the life if any patient in jeopardy. This is why doctors have to be very sure that they are able to successfully diagnose patients’ conditions by using tools and state of the art resources in their environment.

Making sure that you have documented everything that went through the procedure that you or a loved one went through can be very helpful in the future. They can be used as proof of the allegations that you are making that a certain practitioner was not competent enough to offer his assistance to you. The right kind, that is. So, just to be on the safe side, keep all the records as they can be useful for the court.

Avoid jumping to conclusions too. The field of medicine can be quite a tricky industry. This is why before you will actually make conclusions that the attending physician who is assisting or was assisting you is committing malpractice, checking out the opinions of others would be a good idea. Get even as much as a fourth option when determining whether you should pursue the complaint to not. This should help you get a better idea whether to not your physician actual behaved the right way when extending his services to you.

The burden to prove that the damage you or a loved one experienced is a result of the negligence too. this is why you have to be very particular of the detail of the injury in relation to what you believe is negligence on the part of the physician, remember that there are a lot of states that will limit the damages as well. So, there are cases wherein the suffering you had emotionally or the distress that you have gone through may be considered to be not actual losses financially. Hence, they may be limited, talk with your attorney regarding the matter to get a clearer view of things as well.

Helpful Tips to Prevent Bankruptcy

If you suddenly find yourself under a lot of pressure from an almost overwhelming debt, know that filing for bankruptcy is not always the right solution. If anything, you should consider this as your last resort. Remember, it is going to reflect on your credit score for a long time. So, this is one option that you would really want to avoid as much as you can.

How you are managing your finances may be tweaked to allow you to start paying off whatever it is that you owe. It is always very helpful that you take the time to take a look at the current state of your income and get some budgeting done. You will be surprised at w ouch help it can actually offer to you in slowly chopping off that huge block of debt that you have acquired.

See if you have family members who are willing to bail you out. There are times when the solution to your problem is to just really ask for help from people close to you who are more than willing to give or lend to you the funds that you need to cover for whatever you owe. Make sure that you pay back what you owe them with as an appreciation for what they are willing to do for you.

Another effective way for you to avoid bankruptcy is to sell some of your assets too. It is very much possible for you to avoid having to get your credit score affected by a claim that you have gone bankrupt if you will choose to get some of the assets that you have sold. You may not have that much need of them. They may be of value so selling them off can be used to pay off your debt too.

Organize your debts too. There are times when you are having a hard time paying them on time simply because they are so disorganized that you are having a hard item keeping track of when your due dates are. Consolidating them is another choice for you to consider as well. It is very possible for you to get your debt consolidated into one debt so you will only need to cover one figure every month instead of handling several due dates.

Remember that how you are spending your money now can affect how you are able to prevent yourself from having to file for bankruptcy. Minimize your expenses. You will be surprised at how much you can save if you will choose to limit how much you are spending especially for trivial stuff.